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August 20, 2018

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A Mother’s Sacrifice

As every mom son relationship, we had a pure form of relationship. My friends introduced me to the drugs when I was in my school. I started taking drugs during my final exams in my school level. This reduces my marks in 12 standard and so I didn’t get a seat in a government college. Soon I got addicted to it and started taking more and more drugs which resulted in body weakness.

Hot Neighbour Next Door

She is very talkative girl, which adds sugar to the milk, and her comic flirting adds a pinch of coffee. In short, she is a perfect blend for a long relationship or a flick or a one night stand. She also like to wear short clothes like sleeveless shirts, tank tops, shorts, and sometimes she also goes commando (without bra or underwear). The best part is that she is quite fond of my dog, so I find her spending a lot of time in my flat wearing short clothes, but I can not do my moves as I am usually busy, and we were underage too.

Crazy And Unbelievable Naked Party

She told me in the car that we are getting a Brazilian wax and I was perplexed why we need to go to the parlor to shave that hair. I told her it might be very expensive and I would just do the normal waxing and that part I will do it at home. For which she told me the discount is for Brazilian waxing and she will gift for me as well. I was like cool let’s do it. We reached that place in no time and they welcomed us with a fruity soda drink which was refreshing in that heat.

Bang With The Bong

Next day onwards mine and piyu’s conversation started on WhatsApp. I always thought that if I can get this girl then we can have a lot of fun. After few days of a conversation I invited her to a movie, she agreed. We watched the movie. Slowly our meetings increased. Then her birthday came and I gifted her a nice purse. She asked me what do you want in return, I said a smooch. We went to a pub and had vodka and when I found that she is under influence of vodka I asked for my return gift which she gave me with some hesitation. After some more drinks and some more smooches, that day got over. On our conversation over the phone, we thought that let’s try friends with benefits relationship. She even made me watch friends with benefits movie on the laptop.

How I Got My Shy Girlfriend Ready For Hot Threesome – Part 1

We both took shower and i asked her to wear a red sexy lingerie which has net like cloth on breast portion. I asked her if she liked the dress. She said that it is exposing her breasts. I told her You are looking very sexy in just this lingerie and leather pants. Leather pants were exposing her beautiful and sexy ass and lingerie was giving a good peak towards her boobs. It was amazing look. I took her to the mirror and she felt shy when she looked at herself. She hugged me.

Sister-In-Law And Niece Fuck My Brains out! Part – 2

Anupama goes to vaishali’s room, vaishali is still naked, lying on her belly with her thighs separated enough to display her pussy entirely.
Anupama knew that I wanted her to make vaishali happy. She got an inspiration and instead of calling her out and waking her up, anu crept up to her and inserted her face between vaishali’s thighs and started licking her pussy.

Naughty Classroom Fun With Ria

Before reading this story, I would recommend you to check out my previous one – Wild Sex with A Hot Virgin. This story is a continuation of the previous one. For those who haven’t read the previous story, let me tell you about my girl Ria again. She is the same age as me, 5’3, tight figure of 32-28-32 and a beautifully sculpted face. She plays volleyball regularly and you can always spot guys on the courts around the court she plays on stealing looks at her. Her libido is amazing.

A Badminton Game Turns Us Horny

We have Lunch halls separately for both men and women on our campus. But those rooms are locked at 4 pm. One fine day, at around 5 pm, I changed to my tracks pant in my room (lunch hall) and called Sanjana to start playing. But she told me that her room is locked and she needs a place for dress change. I asked her to use our room. (As it was evening, all my friends had left the college campus. Only security guards and a few students in the library were there)

The Counseling

The Counseling There’s thing about me, I have the gift of the gab. Girls love talking to me. My ability to connect to them has benefited me and them. They found someone who could understand them and I always found a warm pussy to poke. This is a story of one of my exploits. I

The Sexcapades At Reception Party – Part 3

I was shocked as to what could be the connection between Radhika and Abhinav. Radhika picked up his call and said that he’s coming to her room. We decided to step out of her suite as I asked Radhika to record their conversation. Abhinav knocked as she opened the door.
Abhinav: Hey my sweet baby!

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